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Promotion for Soundhouse Brass!




Welcoming Alice Marks to the senior band!


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Soundhouse Brass is entirely reliant on it's own activities and the generosity of others to ensure the existance of the band.


We are extremely grateful to the following for their generous support to both the senior and youth band:


Plymouth Youth Music Service                         Weatherhead                                               The Sound House

Provide much needed support to the youth band.    Supplying the Youth band with poloshirts.        Support of staff and the facilities.                                                                                              










Support Us


Soundhouse Brass is entirely reliant upon it's own activities, bookings to perform at events & concerts and the support of sponsoring organisations to generate the income necessary to ensure the existence of the band and to purchase music and instruments.


You can also help by doing your shopping on It has over 2,700 retailers on the site.

Every time you make a purchase, making sure to donate to Sound House Youth Brass, it raises money for us!

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Please consider becoming an official 'Friend of Soundhouse Brass' for an annual cost of only £15.


As thanks for that contribution we would:


O Ensure that you are offered tickets for band concerts

   before they go on general public release.


O Invite you to an annual ‘open’ rehearsal to meet the

   band members.


O Invite you to socialise with the band members at events.


O Offer you a 10% discount off all future merchandise the

   band offers for sale including CD’s etc.


O Print your name in any programmes that we produce

   for our concerts to say thank you.



There are many ways that businesses can support the band that are beneficial for the band and your business.


The band performs at a variety of events and to diverse audiences, so sponsorship could increase your businesses profile and also give you a more charitable reputation which is always favourable in the public eye.


Advertisements at band events could increase awareness of your business and your potential customer group.


Some ideas:


O Donations


O Have your business advertised on our website or in our

   concert programs


O Book the band for corporate events


O Become the main sponsor of the band and advertise

   your business at all band events